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Built on more than 30 years of ground-breaking research, the VitalSmarts training approach delivers real results. Each of our courses improves strategies and systems by focusing on high-leverage best practices. Each outpaces traditional communications training and interpersonal skill development with a flawless focus on behavioral skill development - skills that lead to impressive results. And each makes an immediate, widespread, and sustainable difference.

To date, more than 500,000 people worldwide have experienced significant and lasting results where they needed them most.

Each of our training courses infuses 14 hours of classroom time with more than 120 original video clips and situation examples. Expert descriptions of key concepts round out the theoretical aspects of the course. Course pacing is active and engaging, with frequent role-plays, intense class participation, personal reflection, planning, and commitment.

Crucial Conversations ®

Crucial Conversations

Award-winning best practices for handling high-stakes interactions.

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Crucial Accountability ®

Crucial Accountability

A culture with weak accountability is one where those who see problems say nothing because they assume they don't have the authority or skills to raise a concern.

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Influencer ®


Proven strategies to uproot entrenched habits, successfully execute change initiatives, and drive sustained improvement.

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