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What type of company is VitalSmarts?

VitalSmarts is a best-practices corporate Training and consulting company. You can read more about VitalSmarts, as well as watch some short introductory videos, by visiting our About Us page.

Where are you located?

VitalSmarts India is located at Unit No. 629-634, 6th Floor, Vipul Trade Centre, Sohna Road, Sector - 48, Gurgaon - 122018, Haryana(India).

What products and services do you offer?

VitalSmarts currently has three Training initiatives: Influencer Training,Change Anything™, Crucial Conversations®Training, and Crucial Accountability Training. Each delivers a powerful set of influence tools that build teams, enrich relationships, and improve end results. VitalSmarts also has three New York Times bestselling books of the same titles, Influencer, Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability. The company offers keynote speaking, on-site consulting, and customized executive team development. For more information, please call us at1.800.102.1345.

In which countries do you operate?

The worldwide headquarters for VitalSmarts is located in Provo, Utah. VitalSmarts currently has 14 licensed distributors in25 countries.Training materials and books are translated into 23 languages. Call us at 1800-102-1345

When is your next Training event or seminar?

An updated list of Training events and Webinars can be found. You can also reach us by calling 1800-102-1345

Does VitalSmarts offer volume pricing?

Yes. Please email priyanka@vitalsmarts-india.com for our volume pricing information.

How do I access VitalSmarts articles?

You can find our most popular articles featured in the Crucial Skills Newsletter, by searching the newsletter archive.

What if I have a technical question?

If you have technical questions about our seminars, registration, ordering, or Training products, please contact events@vitalsmarts-india.com. If your question is regarding technical support for our Web sites, please contact itsupport@vitalsmarts-india.com.

How do I register for Web seminars, Training, or locked-access features?

Visit our Events Calendar to register online for both seminars and public Training courses. For additional questions, please call us at 1800-102-1345

What is your charitable contributions policy?

VitalSmarts is committed to extending their mission to the surrounding community by helping individuals, groups, and organizations to become measurably more vital. One way VitalSmarts accomplishes this is by participating in and funding worthwhile charitable causes that bless the lives of families, reduce suffering, and strengthen communities. Annually, VitalSmarts contributes at least 1% of net profits to worthwhile charitable organizations through its Mission Committee. For more information on our charitable giving. Additionally, VitalSmarts offers donation matching to its employees for worthwhile charitable organizations.

How can I order your Training products?

To order VitalSmarts Training products, please contact one of our sales representatives by calling 1.800.102.1345. or via e-mail.

How do I become a certified trainer?

To inquire about becoming certified to train Influencer Training,Change Anything™, Crucial Conversations® Training, or Crucial Accountability Training, please contact our event administrator via e-mail or by phone by calling 1800-102-1345

How do I order your books?

Influencer,Change Anything, Crucial Conversations or Crucial Accountability by visiting our online store For orders of more than 25, please call our sales support staff to inquire about bulk discounts. 1.800.102.1345

How do I know which skill set to use -- Influencer,Change Anything, Crucial Conversations, or Crucial Accountability?

First ask yourself, "what is my most important problem?" If you're dealing with a culture where conflict and disagreement are suppressed or handled badly, Crucial Conversations® is the best starting point. If you have immediate, pressing problems with accountability - whether it be peer to peer or boss to direct report - Crucial Accountability is the best starting point. If you are looking to change entrenched problems that are affected or caused by human behavior, you need Influencer.Change Anything™ Training is a one-day course that teaches a breakthrough methodology for successfully solving any individual behavior challenge-at work or at home.

These programs complement and build on one another powerfully. For example, every crucial confrontation you ever face will benefit from crucial conversations skills. And crucial conversations skills are a powerful component of any successful influence effort. To consult with a VitalSmarts sales rep on what course will work best for you, please call us at 1800-102-1345.

Where can I find information about additional learning opportunities?

To find out about additional learning opportunities, please visit our complete listing of upcoming events, Web seminars, trade shows, and briefings online. For additional questions on events, please email us events@vitalsmarts-india.com.

Where can I find free resources?

You can access a whole host of free resources in the My Resources section of the Web site. You will find free downloads of the "Style Under Stress Test" and the "Where Do You Stand? Self Assessment." You will also find free video examples, discussion questions you can download for reading groups, and helpful brainstorming tools.

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