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Crucial Conversations Training

Interested in developing skills to make a difference in your team or organization around accountability, performance and execution? Today it's about the dynamic corporate teams and organizations where stakes are high and emotions run strong, where conflict resolution, employee engagement, performance appraisal and building effective communication skills may still be a challenge. Where any conversation of consequence becomes a crucial one and a barrier to an organizations success story. Turn around help is at hand.

An innovator in best practice training, Crucial Conversations Training is a program that works across a wide spectrum of road blocks to a company's success. It enables you from mending interpersonal skills to enhancing employee engagement. A dependable tool, Crucial Conversations facilitates knocking out barriers to employee engagement and helps increase productivity. It is a potent technique to holding any conversation that has crucial consequences and supports interpersonal skills effectively.

Top rated leaders or employees choose neither fight nor flight; instead they have the skills to step up to controversial issues and attempt improving performances. Influential leaders make work environments safe and non threatening, they recognize the importance of effective communication skills that enable critical issues like performance appraisals resulting in employee engagement. If you have applied every tactic, tool and technique in overcoming all or some of these challenges, then it's time for a change!

Crucial Conversations is a breakthrough program at developing skills and delivering measurable results. It is a training ideal for individuals who manage people or processes as well as those who have supervisory or cross functional management responsibilities. For time change to be achieved, involving teams and even entire organizations is essential.

At a minimum, join us and attend our public training events and see a turnaround in relationship building, employee engagement and even performance appraisals.

Former President, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Daniel Hancock testifies to this when he says “These skills…enabled us to win the largest contract in our industry’s history.”

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